Puppy Ph. D. Program – The 4 Phases

Puppy Ph. D. Program – The 4 Phases

Phase 1 – Crate Training

The first step is to get the new puppy comfortable in his crate and begin developing a housebreaking routine. The new puppy’s universe will initially be small, growing larger as the puppy learns his or her freedom.

Phase 2 – Intro to Commands

Using treats (fun and upbeat), I introduce all of the basic commands and control behaviors to the puppy. These include:
Heel (leash walking), sit, stay and come.

Phase 3 – Polishing Commands

Once the puppy understands the concept of the commands, I begin to taper off the use of treats. By the end of this phase the puppy is responding to all on-leash commands (with or without treats).

Phase 4 – Socialization

Once the puppy is comfortable with the commands and walking on a leash, we go out into the real world. Amid all the distractions, the puppy’s new commands are put to use. It’s important for a young puppy to be exposed to other people, places and animals as often as possible.

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