Trained Golden Retriever Puppies Available – September 2016

Trained Golden Retriever Puppies Available – September 2016

Our current class of golden retriever puppies has been hard at work on their Puppy PhD diplomas. These adorable trained puppies will be ready to add love and fun to your home in mid – to – late September.  All of these pups are OFA (heart) tested and Penn certified (elbows and hips) to rule out genetic health issues. In addition to their good looks, these trained golden retriever pups are charmers who will melt any heart with their sweet personalities. We have four males and one female available. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a trained puppy to your home!


Missy, trained golden retriever puppy

L’il Bow Wow: 

L'il Bow Wow, trained golden retriever puppy


Wiz, trained golden retriever puppy


Snoop, trained golden retriever puppy


Biggie, trained golden retriever puppy


Ready to Add a Trained Puppy to Your Family?

All of our trained puppies are great with kids and other animals. If you’re looking to add a new puppy to your home with minimal fuss, one of our trained puppies could be right for you. We can share more insight into their personalities and energy level to help you choose the best fit.

Contact Bill today at 203.856.2511 or to inquire about a trained puppy!

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