Trained Lab Puppies Available August

Trained Lab Puppies Available Now!

These trained pups are the epitome of the labrador breed – friendly, active, outgoing, and loyal.  Don’t miss this opportunity to add a trained puppy to your home.

Meet Mabel:

IMG_5512 IMG_4536

The sole girl in the pack, Mabel is a playful lady with a loving disposition. She likes to keep cool in the summer heat, taking a dip or seeking out shade.

Meet Magnus:

IMG_4503 IMG_5509

Magnus is a handsome yellow lab with a sunny spirit and lots of energy. When he is not taking a dip to escape the heat, he can be found striking up a game of chase with his friends.

Watch Magnus and Mabel in Action!

Ready to Add a Trained Puppy to Your Family?

All of our trained puppies are great with kids and other animals. If you’re looking to add a new puppy to your home with minimal fuss, Triton, Mabel, or Magnus could be right for you.

Contact Bill today at 203.856.2511 or to inquire about a trained puppy!

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