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Plan Ahead for your Puppy!


The best way to make sure you have access to a Smiling Dog trained puppy is to contact us in advance to learn about when our breeders will have puppies for us to train. Many of our clients are already on a list to choose their pup before they are ever born (which is why we often get “sold out” before we have a chance to post the pups our website). Of course, we do often have puppies that are not already spoken for, so…

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Types of Puppies

We haven’t met a puppy we can’t train, but our breeders (who are all personally vetted) typically breed: Mini Golden-Doodles (F1 and F1B), Berner-Doodles, and Golden Retrievers. 

What’re you Doggone Waiting For?

Contact Bill today to inquire about trained puppies and take the first step toward your best possible puppy ownership experience. 




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