Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a puppy or am purchasing one from a breeder – can you work with him/her?
Yes, we can work with a puppy you’ve acquired on your own. Many clients have their puppies travel to us straight from the breeder for convenience, but we can talk with you about transportation options if needed.

Where do you get your puppies?
I have a select group of breeders that I use. I only purchase puppies from breeders I know and have vetted; I personally visit every breeder. When selecting my pups, I look for stable temperaments. I avoid selecting the most dominant and most submissive puppies.

How much can I expect to pay for my trained Smiling Dog puppy?
The cost of a Smiling Dog puppy varies depending on the breed and puppy’s parents. Currently, our trained labs and golden puppies sell for $3,500 – $4,500. Our trained mini-goldendoodles are $3,950 – $5,500. This includes the cost of the dog from the breeder, the intensive training program, early vet visits, access to our online course and resources, and personalized follow-up.

Are your dogs guaranteed in any way?
Smiling Dog’s breeders have agreed to pass on their health and medical guarantees to anyone who acquires a Smiling Dog puppy. Copies of these guarantees are available to prospective puppy owners.

Do you deliver the puppies? Do you ship the puppies?
Yes, puppies can be delivered anywhere in the United States for an additional fee.

Will my new puppy be housebroken?
Your new puppy will be crate-trained and have a well-established housebreaking routine. I encourage owners to keep their new puppy’s universe small in the beginning. When the puppy shows you they can be trusted, you can start giving them more freedom. Make them earn it. If you have any accidents, that’s the puppy telling you you’re giving him/her too much freedom.

How do you support the transition to a new home for the puppy and the family?
Depending on where you live, I offer several types of assistance. If you live in the CT, NY, NJ area, I offer private lessons to make sure the puppy works as good for you as they do for me. If you’re outside the area, I have video tutorials and online video chats to assist you. In addition, I’m available via phone, FaceTime, Skype, or email.

What will the first week with my new puppy be like?
Each situation is different. During the first week the puppy is getting used to his new environment. It’s not uncommon for your new puppy to be a little nervous. This passes quickly. You might also experience some whining in the crate the first night or two. This, too, passes quickly.

How do I get the process started?
Call or email us. To reserve one of my puppies, I ask for a $1000 deposit. If puppies aren’t currently available you are put on the waiting list for my next batch of puppies. As in most things, planning ahead is beneficial.

Do you work with shelter puppies or adult dogs?
Smiling Dog works with puppies and dogs of all ages. We don’t specifically offer shelter or adult dogs for sale. However, if you already have a dog/puppy and want to put it through our Puppy PhD Program, we can accommodate that as well.

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